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Many of our personal designs are inspired by the arctic - sled dogs, polar bears and wolves. 

Large Howling Malamute, white, gray, black Suncatcher, reinforced 11"x8"  $65

Puppy Face

Sleeping Malamute

Winter Cardinal Ornament or Suncatcher 6" x 4" $20

Artwork Examples:


Small Window or Panel

Malamute Puppy, Lead Foil Panel, gray and white on a pale blue background, ready for framing 12"x9" $200


Large Suncatchers

Larger wire reinforced suncatchers for larger windows. These will require a permanent hook for hanging due to weigh

Woo Woo Large Malamute Suncatcher in white and black, reinforced - 13"x9" $75


Large Windows

Gray Sled Dog Puppy, Igloo and Northern Lights Window Pane done in mostly clear textured glass, a copper patina, and bordered in Zinc





Arctic Hare nightlight, UL approved 6" x 4" $30

UL Approved Husky nightlight, white gray & black, 6" x 4"   $30


Polar Bear Nightlight or Suncatcher - white whispy glass 6 1/2" x 7"  $35

Small Suncatchers

A variety of themes, but because they are small, they are good beginner projects.

Husky suncatcher in black, gray and white whispy glass, includes hanger and suction cup 6" x 4" $25








Learning the Art of Stained Glass

Art Glass projects make lovely gifts as well as keepsakes or a memorial to a beloved and special pet or event.

If you enjoy this art like we do, then you'll want to give it a try yourself. We provide a plethora of affordable products that will help you create your masterpiece. If you are in the Michigan area - I would recommend Wolfgang's Haus of Glas in Marquette or Thompson Art Glass in Brighton as great places to learn the art of stained glass making.

Whether you are looking to create a small nightlight with your pet's face or something grand, we offer the basic supplies you will need. When commissioned pieces range from $35 for something very tiny to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on complexity, size and difficulty of the piece - plus framing, you'll not only receive the satisfaction of "doing it yourself" but will save a lot of money. We offer a variety of patterns beyond our favorite topic - sled dogs - and standard designs such as flowers or beveled glass creations as well.

There is essentially two ways of making stained glass art - lead and foil. The easiest method in my opinion is the lead foil method using solder to "glue" the piece together. An advantage of foil is that is is structurally stronger and more forgiving of not quite perfect glass cuts. Strength is determined primarily by design and reinforcement. Many consider lead more attractive because it provides clean, uniform lines. Foil was originally introduced to create 3D pieces, but has since been adapted for teaching beginners. Foil is easy to learn because it's more forgiving when you don't cut the piece of glass perfectly. Gaps can be filled with solder which is not possible with lead. Once your cutting improves enough, lead is actually less work. if you use lead, you must cement the whole piece when you're done.

It's good to find iInstructors that teach both methods. You will want to learn both THEN decide based on your project.

An example of a "lead" beginner project.
Moose insert, leaded glass window 12" x 16"      $175


An example of a "foil" more advanced project. Large Howling black & white Malamute suncatcher, reinforced 11"x5"  $75